Meet the guardians of the golden treasure in Bergen

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By: Ove Sjøstrøm/Creato Design

– Do not miss it, says Astrid M. Strømsnes, Marketing Manager at the City Museum in Bergen.

– We have said it before, and are happy to repeat it: This will be a «once in a lifetime» experience for the people of Bergen and visitors to our city this year.

The spectacular exhibition «Legends in Gold – Thracian Treasures from Bulgaria» opens on 2 September at Bryggens Museum and will last until 10 December


One of the Thracian kings is coming to Bergen in order to guard the golden treasure. The king and his bodyguard will be played by members of the Greek «KORYVANTES» Association.

– My husband is a philosopher and happens to be passionate about the Mediterranean and ancient times. Through his contacts in Greece he has managed to recruit one of the ancient Thracian kings to Bergen, says Strømsnes, adding:

– Two members of the KORYVANTES Association are coming to Bryggens Museum for the opening of the exhibition, complete with contemporary costumes.
Strømsnes’ husband, philosopher Anders P. Petersen, is in no doubt that the «Thracian king» will give the exhibition an added flavour:

– The king and his bodyguard are bound to attract attention both inside and outside the museum. When I heard about the exhibition, I immediately thought of KORYVANTES. I have seen them in action in Greece and they are fantastic with their historical costumes and reconstructions, says Petersen.


Many of the artefacts in the exhibition «Legends in Gold – Thracian Treasures from Bulgaria» are made of pure gold.

– The exhibition consists of priceless cultural treasures whose value can hardly be measured in money, says Strømsnes.

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The exhibits range from harnesses to richly decorated vases, but the most distinctive ones are the objects made of silver and gold.

They stem from a kingdom that had its centre in what is now Bulgaria, but there are also traces of the Thracian culture in parts of Romania, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, Moldova and Macedonia.

Welcome to «Legends in Gold – Thracian Treasures from Bulgaria» at Bryggens Museum from 2 September until 10 December 2017.


There is a country in the far north, populated by blond giants and where the sun never sets. This is a story that recurs in many ancient Greek and Roman myths and poems.

Among other things, the Greek god, Apollo, is said to have spent his winters in Hyperborea.

The Thracian king from KORYVANTES describes the journey to Bergen in September in the following manner: «The trip of a Thracian King to Hyperborea: The mythical land beyond the North Wind».

– The mythical land beyond the North Wind. Could that be Bergen?

– Hyperborea is a mythological place, but the Thracian king coming here believes it
is Bergen, says Petersen.

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The visiting king will enable Bergen City Museum to exhibit not only the cultural artefacts, but also some of the culture and era from which the treasure comes.

– These are the genuine guardians of the golden treasure. They look as if they have come straight from a film set based in ancient times. The king will also be happy to be photographed together with members of the public, says Marketing Manager Strømsnes.

The Thracian king and his assistant will be in Bergen for the entire opening weekend.

LEGENDS IN GOLD: Marketing Manager Astrid M. Strømsnes in front of Bryggens Museum, which will be housing the exhibition. Photo: Tove K. Breistein

– During the opening weekend there will be a demonstration in pankration fighting (unarmed combat) «in honour of the gods», as was the practice in ancient times. The king and his bodyguard are skilled in martial arts.
She encourages everyone to use the exhibition’s official hashtag #legenderigull when they share their photographs on social media.

– The public should also take pictures of the magnificent gold artefacts in the exhibition. There are no restrictions on photography.

Welcome to «Legends in Gold – Thracian Treasures from Bulgaria» at Bryggens Museum from 2 September until 10 December 2017.

Bergen City Museum manages a good selection of cultural heritage exhibits with its nine museums in Bergen Municipality. In addition to a large number of artefacts of priceless historical value, the City Museum also manages 120 historical buildings. Last year, the number of visitors exceeded 200 000 for the first time in the museum’s history.