Thracian Treasures from Bulgaria
02.sept – 10.des

Legends of gold

Welcome to the «Legends in Gold» exhibition at Bryggens Museum from 2 September until 10 December 2017 – a mythical world of ancient Thracian culture represented by archaeological treasures made of gold and dating back several thousands of years. The exhibition is produced by the Bulgarian National History Museum in co-operation with eleven other museums in Bulgaria.

Pure gold

Many of the artefacts are made of pure gold and are priceless cultural treasures. The exhibits range from harnesses to richly decorated vases and objects made of silver and gold.

Unique exhibition

You will meet beauty that awes you, and you will be introduced to a magical world that we recognise from the Greek and Roman myths and legends.

The Thracians

The Thracians were were «the most populous people after the Indians», according to the Ancient Greek historian Herodotus (484 – 425 BC).


Thracian Treasures

Everyone who has seen these artefacts at close quarters is amazed at the unbelievable level of detail in the handicraft.

In recent years, the only places outside Bulgaria where it has been possible to see these artefacts are the Louvre in Paris, the Moscow Museum and the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo